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How we are different:

 – Locally owned & operated
 – 25+ years lawn service experience
 – High level of customer service
 – Commercial equipment designed for maximum performance and versatility
    for many different landscapes and elevations

Ideal customer:

 – Residential home owner with one (1) or more acres of land
 – Agriculture operation in need of assistance with fence-line maintenance
 – Commercial / business with lawn service need

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Face it, there are other ways you’d like to spend your time.

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Re.claim your time

Typical services include:

  • Mowing
  • Leaf collection
  • Weed trimming
  • Light landscaping
  • Fence line maintenance


Free quote / estimate
Standard* Billing rate $55.56/per man-hour (rate includes equipment & tools)
Minimum service charge: $27.78 (half-hour @ Standard Billing rate)
Accept Cash & Check
Terms Net 30 days

(*): Standard Billing rate could vary based on site assessment, active promotions, etc., and is subject to update at anytime.



+1 607 373 9326



Mailing Address

PO Box 101
Mount Upton, NY


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